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Culture & Wildlife Tours

Enhance your wildlife experience in Tanzania with meaningful community visits that will touch your heart.  Create lasting relationships with children, students, an entrepreneurial woman’s group that may enrich your life in ways you never would have imagined.

Your itinerary might include a morning hunt with nomadic bushmen, a nature hike and identification of traditional medicinal plants used by Maasai healers, camping at Lake Eyasi, game driving in Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti and a sea safari on the Indian Ocean.  These activities can be interspersed with visits to schools, village projects, and cultural centers.  We are flexible enough to offer activities and arrange community meetings tailored to specific topics and interests.

Visitors to Tanzania interested in seeing and learning about the amazing wildlife combined with experiencing culture and community may choose one of our itineraries based on environmental conservation.

Social investors may choose an itinerary that includes site visits to established projects in the field of IT for education and development.

Service learning opportunities are available within all itineraries.

You can learn more about available project site visits by visiting Terrawatu on-line at www.terrawatu.org.


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