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Educational Safaris

We work with colleges and universities to devise a richly rewarding experience for students interested in exploring a range of issues facing the people of Tanzania: from land management and environmental conservation measures to health and education; from sustainable development projects and women’s issues to the social anthropological significance of the Maasai people.

Our educational programs can range in length from 7 to 21 days. Our popular three-week program includes five days of wildlife safari, a week of people-to-people safari (visiting with many of Tanzania’s 122 ethnic groups at schools, clinics, and villages), and a week on the island of Zanzibar, including four days of “safari blue” on the Indian Ocean.

For college and university students, a guided global experience can be life-changing. Terrawatu‘s People-to-People Safaris offers an unparalleled educational experience, taking students from the heights of Kilimanjaro, to the streets of the African town of Arusha, to the beaches of Zanzibar. Beyond the nature reserves, the Tanzania experience introduces students to community and business leaders who are working to improve the well-being of indigenous people.

Groups of 10 are ideal, though we can accommodate groups of up to 20 participants. Our organizers make all arrangements for ground transportation and accommodation, most meals, and arrival and departure from the international airport.

People-to-People Safaris has created programs for the following schools and universities:

Washington College – International Studies & Anthropology
Princeton University
University of Wisconsin
La Jolla Country Day
University of Alaska
Washington College – Department of Education


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