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What we Do

People-to-People Safaris developed out of our love of sharing the most unique and special experiences in Tanzania with visitors.  Many of the communities we work with as part of the Terrawatu organization asked us to bring visitors to their villages.  Not only do visitors bring much needed financial support to communities, but also bring an ‘outsiders’ point-of-view, often boosting local self-esteem in very positive ways.

Therefore, a People-to-People Safari, offers you an exceptional cross-cultural experience that combines a traditional wildlife safari with amazingly meaningful community visits.  Our Healing Safaris go even deeper and introduce you to the magic of traditional healing techniques to help you de-stress and rejuvenate in primordial African environments.

The Swahili word “safari” actually means “journey” and can be used to explain adventures from the local market to being inside the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

With People-to-People Safaris, you can visit Maasai, Warusha, Hadzabe, Barbaig, Iraqw and coastal Swahili villages, where you can spend quality time at family homesteads, local markets, learning from health clinic doctors, traditional healers, and visiting with head teachers and students at schools in Tanzania. In getting to know the life circumstances of local villagers, visitors witness firsthand both the challenges confronting this African nation and the programs in place that are making a positive impact on the lives of its people.

Our philosophy is rooted in the Maasai word Oloipung’o [o loy pun go] meaning “a person who travels outside of his or her home to explore a different part of the world and then turns back to share with his or her village”.

People-to-People Safaris offers rare access to the Maasai people and those working to preserve their traditional culture to promote sustainable development. You can learn about agricultural and wildlife management practices, and about systems of governance. You can visit area hospitals and schools, with opportunities for dialogue with Tanzanian students. During visits to traditional villages, you’ll be introduced to Tanzanian rituals and myths, learn about traditional medicine, and sample Tanzanian delicacies. Women offer instruction in dances and songs, while Bushmen show you how to hunt and prepare their meals.

Whether you are organizing an educational group tour, embarking on a healing safari, or exploring culture and wildlife, we offer safaris customized to fit your own needs, interests and dreams.

All of our itineraries are created in the spirit of fair-trade. We support local lodges and foodstuff producers. Host families, villages and small businesses are all supported through People-to-People Safaris.


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