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I think anytime someone goes abroad, their lives are changed.

But my life has never been so touched as it was by Tanzania. I have a new outlook of everyday life and my interactions with people have also changed.

All my expectations were met to the absolute fullest extent and I can say with confidence…

that I will go home a better person than when I left.  The Maasai bomas were so inspirational that I am considering spending some time hopefully living in one some day.  Both visiting the Maasai people and meeting the kids from all the schools we worked at will serve as major inspirations to me throughout life.  Every single staff person with Terrawatu and People to People Safaris that I have met is an overall amazing person.  I have all their emails and plan on keeping in touch with them.  – Mike

The wildlife safaris were probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever done

and I am so glad I had the opportunity in my lifetime to see the things I did.  It was neat to transition from a people-to-people safari to a wildlife safari in the place where all people originated.  – Ann

Meeting the Maasai and children in Arusha right off the plane was a great way

to immerse us in Africa and experience everything Tanzania has to offer.  The Maasai are fascinating warriors and reading about them doesn’t even compare to meeting them in person.  If I could eat the food made by the chef on safari everyday for the rest of my life, I would in a heartbeat.  It was fun meeting the nomadic hunter-gatherers and it blows my mind to think that people still live like that alongside modern customs.  Zanzibar is my favorite place on earth.  The mixture of African and Muslim culture is fascinating to me.  The beaches were pristine and the food was incredible.  – Morgan

The highlight for me was visiting schools

and being able to interact with the kids.  They were so happy to have us there and so excited to learn.  It’s really nice to feel we’ve made such a difference — even if only in one small part of this world.

Hiking in Monduli and learning about the medicinal plants

was the highlight for me.  I really got to know a lot about natural medicine.  The guides are awesome.  I really enjoyed how Focus went above and beyond just being a guide.  He made sure we stayed safe but still had a great time.  I learned so much about Islamic culture in Zanzibar and speaking to students just like me was refreshing as we shared so many ideas and experiences I couldn’t believe it!  — Erica

This trip allowed us to get to know the real Tanzania and people in it.

I loved how our guides opened the door for us to do such great activities and projects.  The only thing I would have changed about the trip was that I wish I could have stayed longer.  — Ann

This trip was definitely the chance of a lifetime and I loved

the variety of all the activities.  I feel like I have really been able to experience every aspect of Tanzania even those which the vast majority of tourists aren’t privy to.  The Terrawatu staff were excellent.  All extremely helpful, friendly and kind.  The kind of people you want to remain friends with after the trip.  – Amy


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