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Our Team


Lekoko Ole Sululu is the Founding Director of People-to-People Safaris. Born in a Maasai village in Ngorongoro, he has worked as a safari guide for more than 20 years for companies such as Wilderness Travel, Mountain Travel Sobek, and Mountain Madness through African Environments. Sululu is fluent in Maa, Swahili and English, and leads specialized indigenous culture and wildlife safaris as well as trains guides in Tanzania. Now a Maasai elder and medicine man in his community, Sululu is often called upon to use his skills as a traditional healer to assist both local and international clients.





Dr. Tanya Pergola is the lead guide for Healing Safaris and a Promotional and Sales agent for People-to-People Safaris in the United States. She holds a PhD in environmental sociology and social psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle and has lived and worked in Tanzania and South Africa for over 12 years, apprenticing with Maasai traditional healers for over a decade. Dr. Tanya is an inspirational yoga teacher and Certified Vedic Master with Chopra Centre University. She is the author of the book Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai and producer of the DVD “Maasai Yoga & Meditation”.




Angella Marcel is the Program Coordinator for People-to-People Safaris and Project Manager with Terrawatu. She is also the Coordinator for the People-to-People Safaris Intern/Volunteer Program. She has a keen eye for organization and makes sure that all details of a program are finely tuned.  She likes listening to music from the United States and Canada. Angella is most often heard warmly greeting visitors to the Terrawatu/People-to-People Safaris headquarters.



Eddy Sululu was born in Tanzania and raised as a ‘modern Maasai’. He completed a certificate of Wildlife Management at the Wildlife Training Institute in Mwanza. Eddy is now studying at the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka (CAWM) in Moshi, Tanzania becoming an expert in the National Parks and Game Reserves of Tanzania. Eddy is passionate about his country and his Maasai culture and loves guiding visitors from other countries. Fluent in Swahili, Maa and English, Eddy works as a Tour Guide with People-to-People Safaris.


Hilda Kimoka is the Kiswahili language instructor during the course of the People-to-People Safaris Intern/Volunteer Program. People-to-People Safaris’ resident language connoisseur enjoys studying the English language and going on long promenades. Hilda is most often heard saying “Jina langu ni Hilda,” or “My name is Hilda.”


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