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About us

Co-Founded in 2004 by Lekoko Ole Sululu, a Maasai elder from Ngorongoro, and Dr. Tanya Pergola, a Western-trained Social Psychologist, People-to-People Safaris combine a traditional African wildlife safari with truly unique cultural and community experiences that give you an amazing window into ancient wisdom traditions.

Our Educational Tours take you on a journey of enlightenment into international, comparative-cultural, socio-political, economic and environmental arenas. Visitors can choose to participate in short service-learning opportunities that take to heart the concept “travel as the best education in life”.

Our one-of-a-kind Healing Safaris help you nurture your health and wellness while journeying through the stunning natural landscapes of Tanzania. So much more than a traditional wildlife safari, Healing Safaris take you on a journey of mind, body and spirit.

Culture & Wildlife Tours are for travellers who are looking for more than a conventional African safari. We take you on personal visits to the home areas of several of Tanzania’s fascinating ethnic groups where you can experience some of their culture, especially in relation to their natural surroundings and wildlife.

People-to-People Safaris help to support Terrawatu, a charitable, non-governmental organization founded in 2001 that creates sincerely successful sustainable development projects rooted in communities around Tanzania.


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Personal Healing Journeys